Monday, October 27, 2003

The National Academy of Sciences published their opinion of the problems with the Klamath River situation and made some suggestions for possible solutions. The question is, are some of these ideas - like breaching dams and finding additional flows for the river - realistic and timely enough to help the Klamath basin and the people and fish who depend on the river?

Friday, October 17, 2003

It seems my prediction for the CA recall was wrong - and by a healthy margin. I really thought that once voters took a longer look at Arnold they'd realize they didn't have it so bad with Davis. Wrong. Even the late revelations about abusive behavior toward women didn't really change anything (Arnold took a surprising percentage of women voters - 44%, compared to 35% for Bustamante). Click here for the LA Times exit poll.

Bush was in the state yesterday and it really has been interesting to see so-called social conservatives give up a lot of their deeply held moral values and vote for Arnold, even though his social policies are much much closer to Clinton than Bush or Reagan. A fiscal conservative? What politician isn't in California these days. Just goes to show if it looks like you're a winner, people will fall in line. Will it make any difference in 2004? I doubt it.